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Outsourcing Government Solutions Provide Peak Performance

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As we move into a more digital age, the need for larger amounts of data is increasing. With higher demand and less staff to complete the work, outsourcing government solutions for work such as data entry and imaging becomes the best way to streamline these tasks.

Outsourcing brings a variety of advantages to effectively streamline any back-end challenges. James Bucki of “The Balance” explains that along with cost savings and reduced overhead, outsourcing brings operational control and risk management to increase focus on core activities. Long-term challenges such as scalability of workflow or large volume processing can be mitigated through an outsourcing model.

Quality Drives Outsourcing Government Solutions

Randy Rayess of CIO explains the top reasons outsourcing projects fail is because of the lack of role clarity, planning, and communication. Smart outsourcing is developed around a structured relationship between vendor and contractor.

Maintaining the balance of outsourcing and in-house processing is the key to government outsourcing models. Back-end tasks such as data entry, document conversion, and other highly repetitive tasks can be given to an outsourcing partner to free up valuable resources.

Without having to divide up internal resources, more focus can be put into core activities which provide more visibility on planning and budgets.

In a previous blog post we acknowledge the importance of quality work, which is why ‘good enough’ isn’t enough for data entry. Comparatively, cost and quality should reflect the performance of work to minimize risk and compliance issues further down the road.

ARDEM’s GSA Approved for Quality and Success

Outsourcing Government Solutions Provide Peak Performance

With quality and experience, outsourcing government solutions allows business to get the work completed within your timeline without having to spend big bucks.

The benefits of a GSA contract holder entitles that the company has proven levels of high confidentiality, security, and compliance. Each aspect of the company is carefully examined to meet high standards to ensure that quality is not only offered, but delivered.

Rooted in ISO27001, ARDEM’s in depth defense systems address data security at multiple levels- employee, physical and the network.  Utilizing VPNs, SSLs, PGP encryptions are standard practice in keeping your data secure.

ARDEM utilizes 100% data verification and validation routines on our platform to assure the highest quality of data is delivered. With multiple years of experience delivering success to Government Sectors such as the U.S. Army, U.S. Department of State, U.S. National Guard, and more, we have had a 100% on time delivery track record for all government contracts.

For more information see ARDEM’s Government Solutions and Contractor Information or contact ARDEM today to see how we can streamline success for you!



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