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4 Tasks Trucking Companies Can Outsource

By August 25, 2021March 13th, 2024No Comments
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Trucking companies outsource many back-office tasks to improve their operational efficiency. Back-Office tasks such as data entry, freight bill processing, logistics need to be managed. Trucking companies have many recurring tasks such as order fulfillment, tracking various shipments, collecting payments from their clients, paying their employees and drivers. 

An important task in a trucking company is data entry from various types of trucking documents. Both high accuracy of data entry and rapid processing turnaround time is needed. Trucking companies are outsourcing the following four tasks to improve their processes.

Outsource Data Entry of Bill of Lading

Trucking companies use the bill of lading (BOL) as legal proof of the agreement between the shipper and the freight carrier. The BOL also describes the type of goods, their quantity, and the destination of goods carried.   Data entry of BOL document needs to be accurate and processing needs to be quick.

High-volume trucking companies outsource data entry of Bill of Lading shipping documents, to improve their operational efficiency.

Outsource Data Entry of Invoices

Flexible Team Business Process Outsourcing

As a trucking company grows, the number of clients that have to be invoiced for payment also increases. As a result, this creates more work for the back office to keep up with. Trucking companies turn to business process outsourcing service providers such as ARDEM to provide data entry services for invoices. Invoice data entry is done accurately, and, on-time hence helping the trucking companies manage their cash flow cycle. 

Outsource Data Entry related to Rate Confirmation

Trucking companies often outsource the hauling of goods to independent truck operators. Rate confirmation between the trucking companies and independent haulers needs to occur. As a trucking company grows the volume of such transaction increases. Trucking companies rely on business process outsourcing companies such as ARDEM to provide Rate Confirmation services. Delivery Instructions, Ship- To, Bill- To Addresses, Load Specifications in addition to rate confirmation need to be processed. Again, accuracy and rapid processing time are important.

Outsource Document Conversion

The process of data entry from freight bills of lading and invoicing can benefit from first scanning these documents. Hence trucking companies to improve their operational efficiency often turn to scanning as a first step in the processing of these documents. Scanning a large count of bills is effort-intensive for a Trucking company. To improve their operations Trucking companies, turn to business process outsourcing vendors such as ARDEM which can also provide document conversion services

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing Services and Automation Services to established companies to help them achieve operational efficiency at reduced costs. For details about outsourcing trucking, outsourcing email us at or call us at 908-359-2600.