Inside Sales Account Executive

Job Description

ARDEM is a global professional services company providing Business Process Outsourcing & Automation Solutions. We are building our sales team as our organization grows.

We believe in the human ability to solve complex problems. We believe that people are inherently good. We believe that hard work yields the desired results. We believe persistence leads to success. We believe that all people are pursuing the same goal of happiness.

  • We develop Long Term Partnerships for Long Term Success. We are looking to Build our Business Development team in our NJ HQ location.

Your role here is simple: Build relationships with potential customers, set appointments, & close deals. You will be speaking with C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, & Managers for the USA market. You will be responsible for connecting and setting meetings and moving deals through the sales pipeline and closing deals to generate revenue for the company. You will have a base salary PLUS earn a lucrative commission. 90% of this role is Calling, Emailing, and LinkedIn Messaging so you must be comfortable with this.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Generate Revenue for the company
  • Handle inbound leads from intro to close.
  • Prospecting both via traditional methods and through social media, including experience calling large complex organizations
  • Ability to manage sales pipeline meeting metrics for success
  • Business planning expertise
  • Ability to think and act at both strategic and tactical levels
  • Results-oriented
  • Good organizational skills- Able to handle multiple functions at the same time

Gain access and build long-term relationships with the appropriate account decision-makers. Be able to conduct client presentations articulating the value proposition of all ARDEM outsourcing and automation solution offerings

  • Proven ability to successfully sell to the C-suite and other high-level executives/decision-makers
  • Proven ability to sell to Fortune 500 and similarly sized organizations
  • Understanding of Business Process Outsourcing
  • Highly proficient at qualifying prospects and progressing them through sales pipeline
  • Experience developing a sale from prospecting to close
  • Demonstrated ability to sell opportunities in excess of $500k Total Contract Value
  • Demonstrated energy to maintain a consistently high level of activities that ensure a full pipeline with business closing routinely
  • Business Planning experience
  • Demonstrable leadership skills


  • 2-12 years of experience in Sales, Outsourcing or SssS preferred
  • Knowledge of sales cycle and terminology


Bachelor’s or MS degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Technology or Liberal Arts or related discipline.

  • Experience in Financial Services, Energy, BioMedical, Big Data, Data Automation, Legal and/or Insurance verticals preferred.
  • Successful history of complex selling- multiple decision-makers- multiple competitors:
  • Experience selling the Value of the solution- not only price
  • Routinely meeting or exceeding sales targets and quotas in prior sales roles.
  • Ability to identify and develop targeted prospects.
  • Excellent customer relations skills (listening, Understanding the prospect, communication, setting and meeting expectations, etc.).
  • Excellent self-awareness, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Highly developed consultation and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work individually and as part of a team.
  • Computer literate, high level of accuracy and detail-oriented.
  • Expertise in sales processes

Application Questions

  • How many years of Sales Management experience do you have?
  • How many years of Sales Support experience do you have?
  • What is the highest level of education you have completed?
  • How is your previous experience relevant to this role?
  • When are you available for an interview or phone screen? Please list 2-3 dates and times or ranges of times.
  • This question was written by the employer. You can report inappropriate questions to Indeed by exiting this application and clicking the blue “Report Job” job link below the job description. “Have you ever sold business solutions, outsourcing solutions, BPO or data services, software solutions or accounting solutions.”

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