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Large Format Scanning Services by ARDEM

Document Conversion of Drawings and Blueprints requires special scanning attention. ARDEM can help convert the one single drawing you need to convert for your bid set – or help you scan all the architectural plans and engineering drawings which you have collected over the years.

Large Format Scanning of Engineering Drawings

Converting all sizes of engineering drawings is a breeze with ARDEM’s Document Conversion Services. Scanning large drawings of sizes- A, B, C, D, and E can all be scanned to PDF, or, other digital file formats.   Drawings in Black and White, Blueprints, Blue line drawings can all be scanned to high-quality images. Even if you have drawings on onion-skin paper- or need we say linen- we can scan them using special scan image enhancement features to give you the best archival scan image- with up to 600 DPI scan resolution capability.

Conversion of Large Format Drawing to AutoCAD format

For conversion of large format scan images of architectural and engineering drawings we use both raster to vector drawing conversion software as well as translation of text, line and circle attributes of drawings to re-create the drawing in AutoCAD file format.

Quality Assurance in Large Format Scanning and Conversion

Quality Assurance of drawings post scan conversion to editable AutoCAD format ensures that there is no deviation from the scanned image of the large format drawing document. This quality check is performed on a 1:1 overlay check with the original drawing.

Indexing Large Format Drawings

Looking to have a large volume of drawings renamed? Send us the image files via our secure file transfer system and we will rename by the information found in the title block. If you have a large collection of paper drawings that have been converted to digital scans have them indexed by multiple search criteria so you can easily search and retrieve these large format scans.

Scanning Large Format Drawings Everywhere

ARDEM provides Document Conversion Services in  New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and for clients in Massachusetts.

Why Large Format Scanning by ARDEM ?

Large Format Scanning requires special attention. Each large drawing or Print may be of a different age and originally constructed on different media- mylar, onion skin, blue line, or even on linen. Just running the drawing through a scanner one time may not be enough. Our scan operators optimize the color, contrast, resolution, color drop-out settings to give you the best quality large format scan image.

ARDEM Document Conveersion capabilities can scan your drawings and go further. If you need them to be converted to CAD- we can do the CAD Drafting for you. What if you want to go further- convert your 2D drawing to 3D model? We can take the 2D CAD drawing and create 3D models using Solid Works and other CAD drafting software.

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Scanning Drawings

Scanning of large format drawings, scanning of architectural drawings, engineering drawings

CAD Conversion

Scan to CAD Conversion, Conversion of PDF to Auto CAD drawings, Conversion of red-lined drawings to CAD drawings.

2D-3D Conversion

From paper drawings to CAD drawings and conversion of drawings to 3D


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