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2D-3D CAD Conversion Services

ARDEM provides accurate 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services from engineering drawings, architectural drawings, and construction plans.

2D-3D CAD Conversion Services by ARDEM

2D-3D CAD Conversion

ARDEM provides accurate 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services. You can send us your 2D drawings on paper or, as scan images. We will create 3D drawing models for these drawings.

2D-3D CAD Conversion for Parts and Assemblies

ARDEM can create 3D models starting from 2D paper drawings of parts and engineering assemblies. We can convert AutoCAD and Microstation drawings to Solid Works.

2D-3D Conversion Process

Drawings are picked up at your location, or, you can mail them to our processing location. Or, you can send the component drawings as PDF scan images to us.

If paper drawings are received we will first scan them to digital PDF format at 300 dpi or higher resolution to get all the details in the existing drawing.

We will then create the 2D and 3D models using Solid Works and other 3D modelling software.
All drawings and 3D models are checked to guarantee 100% accuracy.

2D-3D CAD Conversion Everywhere

Our customers for 2D-3D CAD Conversion have come to us from manufacturing, marine, furniture, automobile and many different industries where 2D-3D CAD Conversion of drawings can facilitate production process. You can roll up your drawings and send them to us, or, send us the PDF of your drawings. Our clients for 2D-3D CAD Conversion have come to us from Washington, Virginia, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas and across the country.

Why 2D-3D CAD Conversion of Drawings by ARDEM?

ARDEM has scanned architectural drawings, engineering drawings and construction plans. Many of these drawings required a second step to convert them to 2D AutoCAD. Others required a further next step where 2D drawings were converted to 3D models. Each drawing was converted to exacting standards by qualified designers who have past performance experience of designing in AutoCAD, Microstation, Solid Works and other design software.

Each drawing is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and drawn to exact standards.

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Scanning Drawings

Scanning of large format drawings, scanning of architectural drawings, engineering drawings

CAD Conversion

Scan to CAD Conversion, Conversion of PDF to Auto CAD drawings, Conversion of red-lined drawings to CAD drawings.

2D-3D Conversion

From paper drawings to CAD drawings and conversion of drawings to 3D



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