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Financial On-Site Scanning Services by ARDEM

Scanning at your Site

Repackaging loans for sale? Scanning critical documents makes this simple.

Acquiring a new branch? Need to scan all those account signature cards and account files.

Just want to do some spring cleaning and scan and archive old financial records and free up space?

Financial On-Site Scanning Services by ARDEM could help.

Everything You Need to Scan

ARDEM will provide all the equipment, labor, and most importantly knowledge required to successfully complete your next financial on-site scanning project.   ARDEM will scan on-site at your location so your important client information never has to leave the secure walls of your bank.

High Security when we Scan

All of our employees have undergone stringent background checks and are ready to scan financial documents inside your bank. We have security measures in necessary security training in place for handling your data.

Not fully convinced- not a problem! A knowledgeable ARDEM team leader will meet with your Bank’s security officer and outline each and every specific requirement for your organization. ARDEM will tailor a personalized security plan that meets your requirements. We will then use this tailored plan to train our staff about your requirements before we even enter your facility.

Why Financial On-Site Scanning by ARDEM?

    All files, no matter the length require some sort of document preparation before they can be scanned. What we mean is, you know all those documents which were stapled, then stapled 10 more times? Yeah- all of those have to be removed! Financial documents by nature have many sections to each file. Our normal procedure will ensure the order and integrity of any and all original documents. We will utilize bar codes to automatically separate files once they are digitally formatted.

    If you would prefer, the ARDEM processing team can reassemble all documents as well as secure each file to its original location- including clips and fasteners. All files will then be placed back in their original storage facility within your bank.

    All of your files will look exactly the same as they did before we processed them, in most cases they will look even better!  Scanning with ARDEM On Site Scanning Services is the easiest way to complete your next imaging job efficiently and at the best price.

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    Customer Loyalty Cards

    Working with you and your company has been a distinct pleasure. From the initial scanning to the finish product, all those involved in the County Clerk’s office have been impressed by the high level of professionalism exhibited and by your commitment to quality outcome.

    Bradford Kendall, Dutchess County- New York

    I just received a phone call from Marcie of Procurement with State of Wisconsin asking about ARDEM. Of course, I gave you a great reference.

    Nancy Butler, Dept of Health Arkansas

    It has been a pleasure working with your company and I will let others know to go to you for surveys.

    Brenda Venner, US Navy

    ARDEM is a great contact to have. Their quick turnaround with the amount of information we gave them was impressive. The work was legible and easy to understand. It helped us to complete our work by our very short deadline.

    Melinda Lee, Fleishman Hillard

    Thanks for all the great work. We’ll definitely keep you in mind in future if we need any more work done.

    Mike Quinn, Veterans Administration Medical Center

    Thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness on all of the projects we’ve completed.

    Noelle Vaillancourt, National Research Center