Archiving Medical Records for a Biomedical and Public Health Research Agency

A National Biomedical and Public Health research agency was looking to digitize various medical records, clinical trial information, and notes for easier access. With notable discoveries in the scientific and medical field spanning over a century, this agency had an extensive historical backlog of information.

ARDEM developed a complete solution to ensure both speed and accuracy when digitizing delicate medical notes and documents. Inventory of boxes were cross referenced with a manifest to ensure each unique identifier matches the ones labeled on the boxes. Each box will contain a variety of different documents which needed to be prepped accordingly removing any staples, clips, or bindings while correcting any tears, rips and folds.

With multiple supporting references from previous or currently ongoing government contracts, the national research agency felt ARDEM was a very professional and responsive outsourcing company to handle their digitizing needs. All documents were returned in their original boxes in the same condition as they were received. Extensive quality assurance methods and highly compliant data security practices were two reassuring factors when working with ARDEM.

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