COVID Testing Test Requisition Form

The state department reached out to ARDEM and asked us if we could assist them with processing test requisition data, medical claims and immunization information from incoming COVID-19 forms received daily from multiple testing locations. ARDEM immediately took cognizance of their needs and after evaluating the full scope of services required, we scaled our operations to match the department’s requirements.

Ever since then, we have been assisting the department to speed up their COVID-19 test requisition form processing by shortening data delivery cycle and lowering processing costs. We are receiving around 2,000 forms a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, all these COVID forms are scanned and uploaded from different locations and need to sorted, indexed and stored likewise.

They remarked that our ability to implement an elaborate training system to enforce quality checks and monitor the performance during training prior to entering live into their system was a game changer. This proved especially useful when scaling up to meet the increasing Bill of Lading processing demand.

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