The goal of the entire logistics process is to ensure that the entrusted goods are delivered to the right place, at the right time.Logistics operations further necessitate an extensive paper trail that matches goods to the right supplier, correct address along with the applicable freight charges. This results in piles of paperwork including freight bills, load confirmation statements and bills of lading, all of which need to be processed with the utmost care and accuracy.

Their current processes require around 20,000 bills to be processed per day. Once we were apprised of their requirements, our team jump-started their project immediately, studying their standard operating procedures (SOP) and training analysts for processing bills.

They remarked that our ability to implement an elaborate training system to enforce quality checks and monitor the performance during training prior to entering live into their system was a game changer. This proved especially useful when scaling up to meet the increasing Bill of Lading processing demand.

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