A luxury and streetwear e-commerce retailer that serves 114 countries and operates in multiple languages was looking for fast and effective solutions to optimize their current delivery logistics in order to ensure on-time shipment and delivery. The primary challenge was to manage the increasing volume of incoming purchase orders which ranged in difficulty from easy and medium to hard.

The client’s purchase orders were more complex and required an in-depth approach and a good understanding of the diverse data fields to extract all data accurately and ensure that the FTAs were accurate for every order. In this case, the client requirements entailed that all shipments needed to be completed within 24 hours of receiving the orders.

Customizing Solutions for Improving Delivery Logistics:

  • We utilized the ARDEM Collaboration Platform to receive shipments/purchase orders/documents and to communicate with the client team.
  • Our live dashboards provide visibility into what has been received, what is currently in processing, and what has been completed.
  • Reporting on all shipments can also be viewed and downloaded via ARDEM Collaboration for increased visibility.
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