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Vendor Invoice Processing

    Back office operations like order processing, billing, accounts payable are essential but as business owners and managers we are always looking to reduce this cost. Quite often, back office tasks such as invoice processing are not given their due diligence and in-house team members are swamped with various tasks.

    A distribution business in the Midwest came up with their company’s solution. With Internet enabled technology the back office does not have to be in the next office. It can be anywhere that qualified, competent staff can perform the required tasks. In addition to cost savings, outsourcing also provides additional benefits such as scalability and increased accuracy.

    The distribution business scans all their vendor invoices and customer orders and outsources the data entry and data extraction work to ARDEM as a reliable outosourcing partner.

    ARDEM extracts the data from the scanned images received and sends back the data file to the client within 12-hours. Using a combination of automation and manual checks, the data is extracted is entered into a flat file containing the specified fields from each invoice. Advanced quality assurance measures are implemented to ensure the highest accuracy and quality of data.

    This data is then easily imported into the client’s ERP system and the images are saved for the company archive. By outsourcing invoice processing, there is an increase in productivity to ensure that all invoices processed on time.

    The client eliminates the manual process of extracting data from hundreds to thousands of invoices and receives the data with a short cycle time. The additional benefit to this process is that it also allows the in-house team to focus more on core competencies while ARDEM ensures on-time delivery of daily invoice data. Another added benefit of outsourcing companies is the flexibility and scalability to handle fluctuating volumes. Annualized savings for the client $54,000.