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What is your track record and how high is your rate of customer satisfaction?

 “You have lowered our cost, increased our productivity and given us a significantly faster turnaround.  Not to mention the data quality and consistency is much better than when it was handled in-house.”

-Blue Buffalo

As the above testimonial demonstrates, ARDEM. has an impeccable reputation when it comes to our services and their positive impact on a business’s efficiency and productivity. The general feedback from our clients gives us high ratings for our services in terms of reliability, on-time delivery, real-time processing, ease of doing business and satisfaction with customer support received, to name a few. All this translates into a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

We also rank quite high in terms of our team’s attitude, courtesy and professionalism and the swift responsiveness of the company. This motivates us to keep optimizing and improving our processes to deliver successful solutions and build long-term partnerships for collaborative success. 

Our long list of satisfied customers and high-profile clients include the U.S. Army, Veterans Administration, Department of Interior and National Institute of Health (NIH) along with big names like HubSpot and Ted Baker London to name a few.