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Are you also a Non-Profit Service Outsourcing Company?

As an experienced industry player driving success outsourcing in our clients for more than 18 years, ARDEM offers data processing outsourcing solutions to established Non-profit organizations (NPOs) who are looking to increase operational efficiency and reduce their overhead.
We provide non-profit outsourcing solutions to a variety of clients both nationwide and globally. You can outsource all of your non-profit department functions to our NPO division, including individual functions related to fundraising, application processing, donor/gift processing, talent acquisition, finance & accounting/bookkeeping, and virtual training.
We employ a mix of smart people, smart processes, and the right technology like automation and cloud-based management platforms to bring about digital transformation in your non-profit organization processes.  Our goal is to help you streamline your operations and improve efficiency while you focus your resources on maximizing your outreach.
Advantages: High Accuracy, Increased Efficiency, Faster Cycle Times.
Category: NPO