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Do you also provide data entry outsourcing services? What sets you apart from other data entry companies?

Did you know that ARDEM was ranked among the top data entry outsourcing companies in 2019

We provide a wide range of data entry outsourcing services, whether it be data entry from paper forms or images, and even process data directly into your database. With the aid of our proprietary and innovative technologies, we guarantee a higher level of efficiency and accuracy that translates into a higher ROI for you. 

Our Data Entry Solutions are built so that you can focus on what matters most to your company.  Let us handle the details of data entry. Our solutions will always deliver the highest quality of data, in the fastest cycle time, at the most competitive price.

Advantages: Proprietary data entry process to yield ~100% accuracy. Automated Data Capture + Effort-based data entry processes, Online Data Entry Directly to Your System, Automated Data Feed via API, Flat File Delivery to your ERP.

Services: Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Data Capture, Data Entry for Surveys, Data Entry from Invoices, Rebates, Claims Processing, Document Indexing.