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Why Smart Companies Favor Outsourcing their Utility Bill Data Processing

By June 6, 2022March 14th, 2024No Comments
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Companies across industries must streamline the collection, validation, and payment of utility bills. Utility bill processing gives you access to the data to ensure effective utility bill management. Utility bills contain valuable data concerning business operations that provide useful insights about business operations. Companies look at energy consumption data to achieve sustainability and for facility management. They need bill data for cost management.

Why Companies Favor Outsourcing their Utility Bill Data Processing

To process huge utility bills every month.

Companies have a large number of utility bills from different utility companies every month. They need to use a lot of the data available on the utility bills and make huge expenses to read and understand the different bill formats proficiently.

Most companies avoid these training expenditures and prefer outsourcing to BPO services companies. Effective utility processing can help companies compare bills from last month, energy consumption and rates they are paying.

To get the correct data.

When companies have utility bills from different formats, there can be different terminologies used. For example, some calls it Demands Charges. Others may call it to use Charges. There can be transcribing mistakes while processing data.

Incorrect data may lead to heavy penalties. Therefore, most established companies prefer experienced Utility Bill Outsourcing service providers, like, ARDEM, for data extraction services with 100% accuracy.

To make timely payments.

Hourglass Saves Time

Utility bill cycles vary. Companies receive utility bills at different times in a month, and therefore, payments are due at different times during a month. When companies need to manage many service locations, they can feel time constraints.

A utility bill management solution with ARDEM can offer well-managed utility services to assure timely completion of tasks.

Manage the whole process flawlessly.

Correct Data

In a large count of utility bills, some bills come in the paper format while others digitally via mail. Many times companies need to refer to each utility company portal to access utility bills. And there is no surprise if you receive a few of these as spreadsheets.

There can be different units of data on different bills. Companies need to normalize the data first. Companies can automate the data extraction process with automation.

Workflow efficiency with leveraged technology

In the race of cutthroat competition, a company leveraging technology can see its brighter future. They can reduce the turnaround time, increase efficiency, and have data insights about the business. With automated business processes, they can have more time to utilize on expanding core business. Companies can move to automation for utility bills to accounts payable outsourcing and reduce time consumption and labor requirements.

Thus, outsourcing is often a first step toward solving utility bill data entry errors, managing multiple databases and reporting requirements timely.

Established companies can consider ARDEM to drive efficiency in utility bill management. Take advantage of ARDEM Utility Manager to increase your visibility to data insights and lower costs. It brings economies of scale to your business. It also allows you to automate notification emails to alert the team about any random spikes in usage.

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.