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How to Choose the Best Data Entry Company for Quality Services

By May 29, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments

Data plays a large role in business providing information and knowledge to make insightful decisions for efficient business processes. Choosing the right data entry company requires planning and research because not all outsourcing companies are equal.

An expert outsourcing partner can help you rapidly scale your processing volumes while managing volume fluctuations, and, can bring about process efficiencies to yield faster processing times, higher accuracy rates, and, hence higher ROI for data entry services.

Additionally, make sure that the outsourcing company has the right infrastructure to handle the job you want to outsource.

So how do you choose between different data entry companies? A little research is required and evaluating what value they offer is the best way to start.


Important Values to Look for in a Data Entry Company

High Accuracy and Data Quality

An accurate process defines the success of data entry outsourcing services. Top data entry specialists have built in double key data entry with compare quality checks, data validation routines and data verification to assure the highest quality of data.

While some data entry companies may provide outsourcing services at a lower cost, often it comes at the price of data quality and accuracy. Poor data quality puts a negative strain on time and accuracy causing more issues and errors to occur. Additionally, there may be missed opportunities for targeting large audiences or damage the trust value of a company. Overall poor data accuracy and quality hurts any business.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Data Entry Company

Cutting costs doesn’t mean you have to cut down on quality. ARDEM ensures you the best quality of data with the best ROI.

Having industry knowledge allows for a better understanding of your current business process and culture. Similarly, expertise is important for any business because it utilizes knowledge to be used to develop more efficient data entry processes. By applying the latest technologies with an experienced team, higher accuracy, quality, and productivity can be delivered with a quick turnaround.

These key elements also play an important role when handling volume fluctuations of data. When outsourcing, industry knowledge and expertise adds great value when customizing a data entry solution for your back-end processes speeding up the ramp up process.

Data Security

You should be able to ask a data entry specialist how they keep their data safe. As a temporary repository for sensitive data, an outsourcing partner should have multiple levels of security such as HIPPA compliance, VPNs, SSLs, and PGP encryptions as a company standard.

Increased awareness and knowledge of security practices for all staff members help reduce security breaches. Data should be strictly kept at a need-to-know basis to ensure that it cannot be moved, edited, and seen by everyone.

So Why Do People Choose ARDEM?

ARDEM offers premium data entry outsourcing services because we understand the importance of cutting costs of back-end tasks while maintaining data accuracy and data security. With 15 years of experience, we specialize in successfully transforming your current data entry process into a more efficient one.

We understand that short cycle times are crucial for success which is why we take your data entry objectives and build a customized solution for your needs.

Communication is essential to any successful outsourcing partnership. This is why at ARDEM we keep you informed of the progress of your project, and of any issues which may occur during the delivery process.

A reliable outsourcing partner brings their expert knowledge to understand your process requirements, configures the process as per your parameters, and, brings together a trusted team to deliver the desired results to you.

We are also rated top 10 Data Entry Companies & Services of 2019 by DesignRush!

Additionally, check out our Data Entry FAQ to see how we answer some of the most common questions to ask any data entry company.

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