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How Remote Work Is Leading To Global Teams

By July 27, 2022No Comments
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With the pandemic kicking in the work-from-home trend, companies have started focusing more on building a remote workforce, paving the way for global teams. Choosing the right talent is essential to running businesses efficiently. With the flexibility to expand the talent search pool, it has become easier for companies to find the exact skill-set they want to manage their operations.

Here is a brief study on the elements that make hiring remote workers and building international teams an efficient practice.

A Wider Talent Pool

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Businesses may need employees of a specific skill-set to manage a given set of activities. Hiring professionals of a particular niche may be demanding as it may require a lot of time and effort to filter down individuals with a specific skill-set. Often, hiring managers may not find the exact match while hiring employees and may look for alternatives.

With remote work taking over, hiring managers have access to a broader talent acquisition pool. Finding the right talent from a larger, diversified collection has become more accessible. There may not be as many employees of a specified skill available to take a job in an area.

Given the remote work opportunity, hiring managers have the flexibility to hire employees without geographical constraints. This leads to hiring the right fit to run the operations and enhancing operational efficiency by building global teams.  

Time Zone

Businesses are keen to draw as many benefits possible from their operations. Companies work relentlessly to expand their gross revenue margins and meet their targets. Hiring remote workers and expanding to global teams has led to businesses expanding their operations through various time zones. Employees who work in their respective time zones in international teams can enhance productivity and meet targets more efficiently. This leads to higher operating revenues and increases profits for the company.

Diverse Work Culture

Hiring remote employees to build global teams can be much more valuable in improving diversity in work culture. Individuals from varying backgrounds get the opportunity to share a common platform and work in harmony, enhancing cultural diversity.

Alternatively, employees get the flexibility to work for the desired time zone based on their preferences. A more flexible environment for businesses and their employees enhances productivity and operational efficiency. 

Market Penetration

Hiring remote employees from diverse geographies helps businesses better understand those markets if they wish to enter those markets or increase brand visibility. If a business enters specified markets, having existing employees in that region is better. It would give the company an extra advantage in areas relating to competitor analysis, local laws and regulations, and supply demand.

Cost Optimization

Emerging countries offer attractive tax incentives that reduce operating costs for companies. Businesses can benefit from hiring programmers from Poland, Romania, and other Eastern European countries and pay 5%, 8-14%, or 16% of payroll tax accordingly. Geographical flexibility allows employers to hire employees within a defined budget and explore opportunities to minimize costs. As a result, businesses can achieve cost optimization according to their requirements and attain the desired profitability.  

Business Process Outsourcing companies provide businesses the opportunity to build teams globally. Outsourcers support the creation of a well-organized platform for companies to conduct saleable operations by designing the most qualified workforce. 

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing services to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost. ARDEM delivers remote-work services in technology for established companies. ARDEM supports its clients in building remote teams by hiring the best talent worldwide. With an exquisite cloud platform, ARDEM offers its clients the flexibility to run remote operations smoothly and hassle-free.

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