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Leading the Way – Women in Outsourcing and Technology

By March 10, 2023March 26th, 2024No Comments
Women in Outsourcing and Technology Blog

Surprising as it may be, the outsourcing industry is a great equalizer in the Universe of job sectors. As per a study conducted by NASSCOM India, women made up almost 50% of the outsourcing companies workforce. And surprising still these women make up almost 40% of the night shift workforce! A country known for its patriarchal mindset is open to outsourcing as a job of choice.

The industry and sector across the world has brought tremendous opportunities and monetary freedom to women. The BPO industry as it is commonly known across the world has created a path towards financial freedom for women and has seen higher flow of money in investments and healthcare. 

Women are starting to play a more important and active role in the technology world occupying positions such as developers, researchers, and C-suite executives. Women leaders often bring a more collaborative approach to decision-making, which can lead to improved team efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, women leaders can often more easily identify areas of weaknesses that may have been overlooked, and can help create solutions to effectively address them. The bpo services companies across the globe have benefited from this.

Few Top Women In Technology in the U.S

As per The Consulting Report, 2023 these women have been steering women across their industry to new heights and leading by change. We are proud to profile them here from companies with back office outsourcing and back office services.

1. Susan Penfield - Chief Technology Officer -Booz Allen Hamilton

Penfield leads Booz Allen’s investments in prioritized areas of emerging technology. During her 28-year tenure, she has a proven track record developing and executing large-scale business growth strategies and creating differentiated solutions.

2. Azita Esmaili - Global Chief Technology Officer– Atos

With her specialties in digital, future proofing, decarbonization, and digital risk management, Esmaili leads her team to deliver next gen solutions and enable strategic growth for clients around the globe.

3. Amy Gilliland -President - General Dynamics Information Technology

Gilliland’s leadership leverages over two decades of work in the defense and technology sectors to help GDIT drive growth in AI, cybersecurity, and cloud services for its international consulting and technology business.

Women at ARDEM

ARDEM is an equal opportunity employer and has taken affirmative action to ensure that women of all ages and abilities are able to find productive employment. Remote working system and infrastructure set-up across the company spanning across geographies has made ARDEM a leading choice for women in the U.S to seek career opportunities and growth. The best way to ensure easy participation of women is to include them in the decision-making process and ensuring ease of operations.