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Delivering Success in Public Opinion Survey Data Entry

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Public opinion surveys

Public Opinion Surveys from more than a hundred different cities and counties across the country come to ARDEM for Survey Data Entry and Survey Processing.


How Do You Deliver Success in Public Opinion Survey Data Entry?


Public Opinion Survey data is very often collected from mailed paper surveys. Mail paper surveys unlike telephone surveys are not as intrusive and you are not getting that survey phone call just as you sit down for dinner. Since there is both a mixed audience and, a higher intensity of data being collected paper surveys also become the preferred choice over a web based on-line survey.


Public Opinion Surveys from respondents in different cities are being mailed to our PO Box every day. We pick up the mail and sort it based on the different surveys which are running concurrently. Paper surveys are scanned and linked to the data which is keyed from each of the surveys. Since all surveys are handwritten deciphering writing tool always poses a challenge. Multiple quality checks are performed on the keyed data. Data validation rules are built into the data entry program to assure only valid data is collected. Further data cleansing may be an additional process step to assure that consistent data is being collected.


Survey data is double keyed with Compare checks and validation checks assuring close to 100% accurate data both for single response and free form responses collected on the paper survey from the public. Further production steps for coding, geo-targeting and tabulating of data are undertaken to deliver success to the client.


ARDEM clients send their public opinion surveys to us for data entry and survey processing. Public Opinion surveys cover demographic data collected from residents of cities and counties across the country. Other client opinion surveys or, customer satisfaction surveys are from smaller targeted audiences, for example, patient satisfaction surveys from hospitals, product satisfaction surveys for the automobile industry and satisfaction surveys from holiday resorts.


ARDEM provides technology based data and document management services including data entry services, data capture services, survey forms processing and document scanning services.


Applications for ARDEM services include: Survey Data Entry, Medical Sample Processing Services, Indexing Large Format Drawings, Medical Claims Data Entry Processing, Mailing List Data Entry, Data Entry from Customer Loyalty Cards, Customer Satisfaction Survey Data Entry.


ARDEM data entry services clients are located in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Missouri Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and across other states and in Canada.


ARDEM document scanning service clients are found in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Connecticut . More information…..