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Data Entry Services

How to provide the Best Data Entry Service?

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Delivering the Best Data Entry Service requires providing the best data and the best service.  

Data is a crucial driver in decision-making. No business can afford errors in its databases. The data processing framework has to be systematic to get desired outcomes of data precision. 

Delivering 100% accurate data requires that you have strict processes in place to transcribe data. You utilize the necessary technology tools and validation rules to achieve the high data accuracy needed by your client. 

Since much of the data is still collected on paper – surveys, opinion polls, customer loyalty forms, medical claim forms, and application forms- this data to be effectively utilized has to be keyed from paper to convert it to digital. 

Using double key data entry and comparing programs, you can check and correct data for any errors which may have been made. Further, key errors can be prevented by building intelligence into the data fields. By combining database rules programming and data entry, you mix technology with the data keying effort to get the high data accuracy you require. It gets you the Best Data. 

In order to stay ahead in the competitive business market, there is a stronger reliance on modern technologies to optimize work processes. However, many businesses lack the resources to efficiently manage their data due to the many challenges of data entry. 

Challenges in Data Entry Workflows

Maintaining data is itself a big challenge. Data processing teams have to face the following difficulties while working on data entry projects. 

  1. Data Configuration
    Data must be organized to utilize the data effectively in a business. Data sets can be in many formats that need to be normalized for easy processing. It may take more time to prepare data to use it further, for example, invoice processing, and utility bill management. These two processes involve data from different suppliers, dealers, or vendors in various document formats, and units of measure and data configuration take time.
  2. Flexibility and Scalability
    Data entry processing teams must be dynamic to manage unprecedented workforce demands effectively. The team needs to be flexible to adjust to changes. Generally, it is challenging in the case of an in-house data entry processing system.
  3. Errors in Data Processing
    Data entry operators require skills more than just speed. Poor attention may lead to wrong data entries that lead to errors. It can be a transcription error, computation error, or algorithmic error. Generally, such errors occur more on manual data entry systems that slow down your operational process.
  4. Slow Turnaround
    Data entry tasks are redundant, making your team slow and leading to poor use of their skills, which can significantly slow down your operational process. Automated data entry can help to reduce the data processing time.
  5. Technological Infrastructure
    You need to ensure the requisite infrastructure to manage your data processing operations best. Your team must have robust technologies, well-defined processes, and proven methodologies to deliver accurate data. Your team can automate the data entry process and require quality internet connectivity for seamless data transfer.
  6. Data Security and Confidentiality
    Robust security is a must to avoid incidents of data leaks or misuse. There should be VPN Technology, firewalls, anti-virus to protect the network from external attacks, disaster recovery, and data backup options to retrieve your data.
  7. Processing Large Volume of Data
    Optimizing the data processing workflow to process high-volume data entry projects is inevitable. It takes expertise and experience in the industry. 

Businesses often look for data entry outsourcing companies as a solution.

Factors Concerned to Best Data Entry Services -

Following are the important factors when it comes to the best data entry services: 

  1. Level of customization
    Different clients require customized data entry solutions. An outsourcing partner can meet such customization demands efficiently. It can be formatted data, databases in multiple languages, data entry directly in the company’s user interface, or web-based application. It can extract data from multiple sources, including physical and digital documents, images, and other digital formats, and provide the processed data in the desired format. Customization possibilities prove the capabilities of the service provider.
  2. Technology to Process Large Volume Data
    Large heaps of data usually require distinct processing technologies than traditional storage and processing capabilities. Algorithms are often used to process big data sets. It involves pre-clustering or classifying the data into larger categories, and then other algorithms can be used to refine further.
  3. Tracking data accuracy
    An agile mechanism is crucial to monitor errors. An outsourcing service provider can track errors and increase accuracy comprehensively.
  4. Timelines
    An outsourcing provider is experienced enough and equipped with the required tools to complete the project successfully within the set time. Depending on available system resources, it is easy to optimize overall processing time by letting smaller jobs run together.
  5. Pricing
    Outsourcing data entry is preferred to save your funds. An outsourcing partner can offer its services at a fixed price, based on time and skills to be dedicated, project type, etc. You can get the best data entry services with an outsourcing provider at the best costs for optimum benefits.

What Benefits Outsourcing Bring to Your Company

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  • A large pool of skills sets
    Outsourcing service providers are a bank of resources and required skill sets as per the company’s need for data entry processes. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies have skilled workforces with in-depth data entry process knowledge. BPO providers have solutions for every kind of business in different industries.
  • Hassle-free process and risk-sharing
    Access talented resources through outsourcing. Outsourcing service providers are experienced that can deliver results quickly to varied client requirements. If you build an in-house data entry team, you have to manage hiring, training, knowledge transfer, and other processes. On the positive side, when you decide to utilize outsourcing, you transfer all such tasks and related risks to your outsourcing partner. 
  • Ease of Scalability
    Outsourcing providers are flexible in managing varied workloads. If there is a sudden surge in your data sets, it is not easy to immediately hire new employees to perform the data entry task quickly. Hiring and training processes require long dedicated hours. In contrast, you need not worry about increasing data sets with an efficient data entry outsourcing partner. They are efficient enough to meet your scalability needs. You can get the job done at the same speed levels without investing valuable time in making additions to your team. 
  • Leverage Technology
    Using the latest technologies, data entry outsourcing companies help businesses to meet their data accuracy targets. Reputable data entry services providers ensure data security and maintain compliance with the industry’s established security and data standards.  
  • Get Same High-Quality Data Each Time
    An outsourcing partner understands a company’s requirements for high-quality data. You are provided with the same high-quality processing every time you outsource to meet your expectations. 
  • Stay Focused on Your Core Business Activities
    Companies need to be more focused on their business propositions in the highly competitive business world. Managing non-core business activities can be a pain point that takes away your focus from the core business. Data entry may be one such activity in your company. Your outsourcing partner can easily take away your worry and help you utilize your time and resources on your core business.  
  • And, of course, Cost Efficiency.
    Among numerous benefits, the primary benefit of data entry outsourcing is probably the cost efficiency, especially during this pandemic. In-house data entry systems require hiring and training resources to perform data entry tasks efficiently. Organizations need to invest massive funds in the physical infrastructure to house the team. Building an in-house data entry team is a permanent cost in your company, irrespective of the volume of data to be processed. On the other hand, outsourcing helps you reduce your recurring expenses substantially. If you perform cost analysis, outsourcing will seem to be hugely cost-effective.  

Hence, you can get data management and data processing services at reasonable costs through outsourcing. 

This way, outsourcing can help every business irrespective of its size with the best data entry services. Very often, the data entry volume is getting to be too large to manage the process in-house effectively. You want your service provider to understand your workflow. You want your service provider to respond to your business changes within your budget targets quickly. You want your data entry service provider to get the work done quickly, within your time targets, and deliver accurate data.  

Utilizing software validation combined with double key entry and comparing data entry, ARDEM achieves 99.97% or higher accuracy in data entry for many of its clients. 

ARDEM continues to expand its list of satisfied government and commercial clients across the country.

About ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM provides technology-based services, including best data entry services – ranked #1, data capture services, forms processing, document scanning, and document processing services. 

Applications for ARDEM services include Survey Data Entry, Indexing Large Format Drawings, Medical Record Scanning, Medical Claims Processing, Mailing List Data Entry, Data Entry from Customer Loyalty Cards, Customer Service Survey Data Entry.  

ARDEM provides data entry services to clients in New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and other states in Canada. 

ARDEM provides Business Process Outsourcing and Business Process Automation Services to established companies to help them improve operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs. For more information, please reach out to us at or call us at 908-359-2600.