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How Does GDPR Affect Outsourcing?

By July 3, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced to ensure that companies are protecting EU citizen’s personal data. GDPR compliance breaks down the responsibility of data management between the “Controller” and the “Processor.” The Controller determines how the personal data will be used while the Processor must be in compliance with the security of data during processing workflow and storage. As a Processor, outsourcing companies have thorough security procedures in place to ensure GDPR outsourcing compliance.

GDPR applies to the European Union ensuring that every European citizen is protected. As outsourcing companies are usually globally inclusive, regardless of where they are located they must follow compliance when handling data from the EU similar to EU GDPR data processors.

Make a GDPR Outsourcing Compliance List and Check it Twice

In a recent article from Forbes, it lists a quick checklist to ensure that a company is GDPR compliant.  One of the most important sections of the GDPR is receiving customer consent before their data is processed or stored. The terms for consent must be clearly explained and the customer must be kept up to date with any changes that may arise.

A data protection officer should be available to regulate and monitor all of the data under the GDPR compliance whether it is data being processed or stored. Performing a data protection impact assessment (DPIA) should be evaluated prior to taking on a project to ensure compliance for any GDPR outsourcing company.

Stricter regulations on data retention have been placed in order to ensure data security and limit risks. All data should only be kept until the purposes of the data have been met so that it can be deleted.

GDPR compliant data processors already have high standards of data security in place. In a previous blog post, we talk about the trends in data security breaches that often occur in the business world.

GDPR outsourcing processors that deal with data are constantly updating policies to ensure that the data that is being held or processed is safe. The best way to check if an outsourcing company is a GDPR compliant processor is to ask about their current data security measures in place.

Data security is a number one priority. As a temporary repository for data, ARDEM ensures GDPR compliance.

Why Choose ARDEM? How Do We Handle Data Security?

ARDEM is rooted with ISO 27001 to ensure that all legal, physical, and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management process is compliant with all data security management requirements.

Data Security is addressed at multiple levels to ensure top security standards across the employee, physical, and network levels. Additionally, VPNs, SSL, and PGP encryptions are utilized to ensure that both HIPAA and GDPR requirements are met. Data is strictly on role-based access control standard ensuring that the data is only seen only by those who must and networks are monitored 24/7.

Should your company not go through or are currently in the process of going through GDPR compliance requirements, data related processing tasks can be accelerated through GDPR outsourcing with ARDEM. In this case, we would take the role as both Controller and Processor.

As a GDPR outsourcing company, ARDEM provides you with the option to securely outsource your data related tasks while ensuring accuracy, quality, and reduced operating costs all with a quick turnaround.

Contact ARDEM today for more information about how we can ensure data security for any data related task!

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