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Outsourcing Data While Retaining Data Security

By November 7, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments
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From sensitive customer information to the recorded secrets of a business, data is a key asset to any business making data security crucial.

This information allows a company to analyze and develop different trends and relationships between the products they are offering to their target audience.

So why do security breaches occur? Cyber-attackers understand the importance of data; stealing sensitive data is like stealing different keys for different doors in this modern technological world.

With Data Security, Comes Great Responsibility

Proprietary data theft has become more of a threat, especially with the rise in technology.

Data Security While Outsourcing

With any business data security is crucial, which is why we work to ensure that all of the data we receive is treated as if it were our own.

Consumers willingly give sensitive information in a give and take process. When purchasing items online or filling out a form at the doctor’s office, all of that information is recorded.

Earlier this year Equifax announced that as many as 143 million accounts were at financial risks from a security breach. Sensitive information such as names, addresses, and social security numbers have been accessed, creating more pressure for proper data security.

Aside from firewalls and malware protection companies use encryption to protect their sensitive data when sharing information with different parties. One important factor of data security that is overlooked is restricting access to staff members while keeping them informed on security measures.

According to an Information Security Breaches Survey conducted by PwC, in 2015 an estimated 75% of large organizations and 31% of small businesses suffered staff related security breaches. A staff member with access to email is often targeted by phishing scams since they can look very legitimate. Increased awareness and knowledge of security practices help eliminate careless mistakes reducing chances of a data security breach.

Security Practices in Play, Keep Data Breaches at Bay

As a company that helps to organize and manage data, ARDEM uses the highest levels of security protocols when handling sensitive data. ARDEM also works in compliance with HIPAA to ensure that both PII and PHI are protected.

Access to sensitive data is strictly a need-to-know basis, ensuring that it cannot be moved, edited, or seen by all. We also take special care to hold sensitive data only within a strict time limit while regularly disposing of the data afterward.

Contact ARDEM today to see how we can help securely manage your documents and data entry today!

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