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Document Processing

Digitization of Documents to make for Efficient Information Retrieval

By July 25, 2017March 11th, 2024No Comments

The importance of research plays a large role in the development of both social and economic growth; as technology evolves to provide better functionality we find more efficient methods to perform our daily tasks with  research documents such as digitization.

Effective research requires a lot of precise documentation and structured recording keeping, to utilize the vast amount of information. For years this process has been institutionalized into a physical paper document to be cataloged away in storage as reference material. This process is now outdated because being able to quickly and efficiently retrieve this important information is crucial, and when it comes to research two important factors come into play:  Time and Money.

The Time Money Equation

With any company the bottom line is that time equates to money, and the goal is to find a cost-effective method for any process. Having to read through and search the paper documents takes up a lot of time and effort.

The solution is to convert paper documents into searchable electronic documents allowing an easier method to find what you need.

In a previous blog post we explain some of the inefficiencies of paper documents and how digitization can be the answer. Character recognition software takes a scanned document which is then extracted through matrix matching and algorithms providing for optimal character recognition. This in turn allows the image of the document to be recognized as different words making them searchable by letter.

By creating a searchable document from the paper document, the time and effort needed to retrieve information for research material is minimized. With an organized and structured document library not only is it easier to locate and utilize this information for better document management.

Digitization – OCR Benefits with ARDEM

If OCR technology is available, why choose to outsource the process? For OCR technology to work the first step when processing a large volume of paper documents is to scan them. Documents with folded edges or color variations may require image enhancement to bring accuracy to its full potential. Document preparation is critical to achieve high quality and accuracy in large volume document conversion.


ARDEM understands the importance of how accuracy plays a large role in any type of data processing. Good enough isn’t enough and inaccuracy can lead to high cost errors downstream. With a large volume of documents, in-house processing could exhaust resources and divert resources from core business of the company. Having an experienced team at ARDEM the transformation of your physical documents into scanned and searchable files ensures accuracy in addition to time and cost savings. While ARDEM works to support your company, your company can work on your core business.

Links provided above for the inefficiencies of paper documents and how digitization can be the answer.