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Outsourcing Rebate Processing Services is the Cost-Effective Solution

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Financial and Management Departments of a business rely heavily on accuracy when working with rebate processing. Often, rebate processing services require accurate data for audit trails to follow government compliance. Ensuring accuracy is a large task to prevent errors and issues and undesirable consequences.

Hugo Moreno of “Forbes” explains that good quality data has several benefits such as compliance, increased productivity, and provides great value in this technological age.

No one is perfect which is why human error has to be accounted for. Streamline outsourcing rebate processing projects with a mix of automation and human intervention to improve management and provide visibility, improving operational control.

Rebate Processing is Time Consuming – Outsourcing Streamlines

Outsourcing Rebate Processing Services is the Cost-Effective Solution

Manually counting and scanning rebates is challenging and time consuming. Outsourcing not only streamlines this process – it increases accuracy and productivity!

Each rebate coupon has value, and ensuring that each is accounted for is important. Scanning and counting coupons manually in-house easily becomes costly and time-consuming.

Some states require businesses and organizations to submit audits to follow compliance with various government laws making it crucial to count each rebate. Ensuring well documented and accurate data is a large task for any business which is why outsourcing is a beneficial solution.

James Bucki of “The Balance” explains some of the top outsourcing advantages as focus on core activities, cost and efficiency savings, operational control, and continuity and risk management. By outsourcing the back-end operation of scanning and organizing rebates, businesses can refocus on growth rather than on time-consuming repetitive tasks. Consistency not only eliminates possible issues, it also improves efficiency and total cost of operations.

ARDEM Ensures Accuracy and Quality with Rebate Processing Services

Outsourcing rebate processing services ensures two values: accuracy and value. ARDEM has bulletproof checks and balances system to ensure that the highest quality of accuracy is delivered.

In a previous blog post we talk about how ‘good enough’ isn’t enough for data entry because businesses that rely heavily on data accuracy should not have to settle for a passing grade.

Rebate coupons are organized and scanned on high-speed scanners to capture data. Once digitized, counts are matched up to ensure the counts received match the counts given. Counts received and scanned are entered into a logsheet to provide an organized view of rebates processed.

Our data platform builds in double key entry along with compare quality checks, validation routines and data verification checks to assure you the highest quality of rebate data entry. ARDEM works to deliver success by providing the best solutions to your in-house challenges.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more!

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