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Invoice Processing Services

Invoice processing services refer to outsourcing services that are specially designed to take over and carry out the task of processing all of an organization’s incoming invoices for timely approvals and prompt dispersal of payment.

Companies can opt for invoice processing services for several reasons. The primary goal of invoice outsourcing is to lower the cost of processing per invoice and by default, the overall cost of processing. Another major advantage of invoice outsourcing is that it allows companies to offload bottlenecks such as exceptions, suspects and mismatched or missing invoices while preserving valuable internal resources for core business activities.

ARDEM engineers a superior outsourcing solution for your invoice processing needs by adopting a holistic approach that combines the best of both worlds, i.e., OCR-backed automated data capture and effort-based processing that is guided by both expertise and experience. Our proprietary invoice management software, the ARDEM Invoice Manager, further provides additional reporting capabilities and allows our clients to view the number of invoices received, processed and paid by date, week, month, etc. ARDEM provides fully-managed finance and accounting outsourcing services that aim to improve finance and accounting back-office transaction processing to help you succeed.

The end result of this is a smarter, more adaptable, and most importantly, a more scalable solution that transforms and re-engineers itself to meet your changing invoice processing needs. Our efficiently streamline your accounts payable and accounts receivable with invoice automation services to decrease cycle time and increase visibility.

If you would like to learn more about ARDEM can customize an invoice processing solution for you, get in touch with our team for a free consultation today!


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