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Utility Bill

A utility bill refers to a specific invoice that details the units consumed of a particular utility, i.e., electricity, water, natural gas, waste and the monthly charges applicable for the same.

These invoices are actually highly-detailed documents that contain crucial information such as the account number, invoice number, service location (that may vary from the billing address especially for commercial properties), and the service period.

Any standard utility invoice also contains additional details such as the details of each meter, the total no. of units consumed over a standard period, the rates applicable per unit and the total amount due.

While these different data fields may look simple enough to manage when looking at a single utility bill or invoice, the task of tracking consumption trends for large volumes over a period of time requires advanced analytics for analysis and interpretation.

Extracting and verifying from different data fields can be quite tedious, not to mention labour-consuming task when carried out in-house. However, the right utility bill outsourcing solutions can help streamline the entire process for you, aggregating data from thousands of invoices into an easy-to-read file that can be downloaded with a few simple clicks.

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