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How Can Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Save Your Research and Development Process?

By June 5, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
How Can Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Save Your Research and Development Process?

As the pharmaceutical industry continues on a growth trend, there is a higher demand for innovation, research, and development. In order to cut costs and improve productivity, many companies choose pharmaceutical outsourcing for various back-end data related processes.

Reworking the Standard Operating Procedure

Cutting costs is one of the most common goals of any business. According to The Wall Street Journal, because of the rising costs and pressure in the market, newly launched drugs have been yielding negative profits.

With an increase in strict regulations and compliance, improving data quality can greatly decrease the time to market, improving a company’s competitive edge. For most companies hiring highly skilled workers and high-end technology for high-quality data is often ignored because they come with a hefty price.

To apply efficiency to your current R&D processes start at the very beginning with the collection of data.

Data is the foundation of research and development, making high accuracy and quality paramount. A survey of data scientists reports that about 80% of data analysis is spending time preparing and cleaning up data sets. In addition to limited budgets, many pharmaceutical companies lack the time and ability to keep a lean staff while increasing productivity.

So how can outsourcing help pharmaceutical companies overcome this data related obstacle?

In order to address the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world, three key factors are provided through outsourcing: flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Pharmaceutical outsourcing

With the help of automation tasks such as data entry, data processing, and the accessibility of data is greatly improved for efficiency!

How Does ARDEM Provide Quality Pharmaceutical Outsourcing?

Our flexible solutions allow us to handle urgent requests and short turnaround times for ongoing business requirements. Tasks such as data entry or data processing for lab notes, requisition forms, and analysis of data sets can be outsourced to be streamlined for efficiency.

With 15 years of experience, we offer the brightest minds, deep industry knowledge, and apply the latest man-machine technologies to ensure the best ROI. Rooted in ISO27001 we utilize VPNs, SSLs, and PGP encryptions while addressing data security at the employee, physical, and network levels.

Our platforms build in double key data entry, compare data quality checks, and multiple validation routines to ensure the highest accuracy of data is delivered. We support a three-shift work cycle to ensure that all data is delivered with a fast turnaround so that you can utilize your data to the fullest.

Contact ARDEM today to improve efficiency and cut costs for pharmaceutical outsourcing!

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