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10 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Freight Billing

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10 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Freight Billing

Transporting goods across the country is a daunting task in itself. Keeping track of the complicated paperwork that must accompany every completed delivery isn’t easy either. From issuing load statements to freight billing and auditing, carrying out effective logistic services needs a lot of back-office support and work. So are you contemplating whether or not to go for logistics outsourcing services?

So, what is the best way to create and manage your logistics paperwork, including processing freight bills and the bill of lading for every completed transaction? Hiring an expensive in-house team to deal with mounting paperwork typically yields inaccuracies and delays. Alternatively, outsourcing these essential, yet repetitive, tasks to a specialized outsourcing team offers the opportunity to build scalable solutions for your freight billing and other essential services.

At ARDEM, we provide logistics outsourcing services to major industry players across the country. Apart from managing data entry and document conversion services for logistics and supply management clients, we also offer extensive invoice, receipt, and load order processing services.

Any glitch, delay or errors in processing shipping documents can cost companies big in terms of both time and money and we all know that with delivery and supply services-time is money. A trusted outsourcing partner with deep industry knowledge and experience can help you avoid such losses and even streamline your workstream for greater efficiency and faster processing.

Still in doubt? Here are 10 excellent reasons to outsource logistics services including freight billing:

1. Increased Visibility and Accuracy in Operations

Logistics outsourcing provides greater visibility and accuracy in your operations.

The main advantage of outsourcing your data and document processing is improving the accuracy of your operations and the final output allows you to make smarter data-driven decisions to improve your services.

More often than not, when all this data is being processed by your existing employees, the increase in work pressure combined with a lack of professional training or poor attention to detail can seriously compromise the quality of data recorded. Furthermore, with priority tasks taking centerstage, data entry is often pushed to the next day or done during spare time, resulting in delays.

All these problems can be solved in a jiffy by outsourcing your data entry and document processing services. Each bill contains different data that must be carefully recorded and segregated into different categories for further processing.

At ARDEM, we enter and process your data using a combination of intelligent automation and manual interaction to provide high-quality results with greater accuracy and speed. We further reduce your operating costs by an immediate 30%.

2. Document Conversion and Processing

Logistics outsourcing includes document conversion and processing services.

While running logistical operations you can accrue a mountain of paperwork including, permits, freight bills, bill of lading and load confirmation statements, shipping documents, etc.
However, processing these documents is a labour-intensive process that requires more resources including both employees and equipment.
Outsourcing your logistics document processing leads to better service management and drastically reduces your turnaround times.

We process all your documents whether they are in digital or physical formats. You can simply mail us all of your physical documents. We will scan and upload them using our high-speed scanners. On the other hand, you and your team members can simply forward all digital documents to us and we will do the rest.

We employ a mix of optical character recognition or OCR technology, machine learning and advanced automation to capture, segregate and process your data. Furthermore, your Bill of Lading, Freight Bills, or other Shipping Documents are entered directly into databases to ensure the quickest possible turnaround times.

3. Freight Bill Processing

Logistics outsourcing with freight bill processing.

Outsourcing your freight bill processing is another smart idea because it helps eliminate errors like incorrect pricing, bill amounts, double billing, overcharges, wrong freight rates and overdue invoices, among others.

We process your freight bills by employing stringent quality checks, automation and industry expertise to process your freight bills faster and with greater efficiency. The high-quality data that we produce provides you with an overall view of your revenue streams and helps in cash flow management.

Our robust processes also ensure that you experience faster turnaround times and shorter payment cycles, not to mention we help you reduce your revenue wastage by processing your billing data with greater accuracy.

4. Bill of Lading Data Entry and Document Processing

Bill of lading data entry and document processing are an essential part of logistics outsourcing services.

The bill of lading is a crucial document that defines the agreement between the supplier, the carrier and the receiver of goods. Therefore, these documents need to be recorded, entered and processed with great care and a high level of accuracy.

Once we have received the bill of lading from the client, our in-house team of data entry operators steps in to accurately extract and enter the data. Once the bill is digitized, it is converted into standard templates and the final output is shared with the client before the shipment is expected to arrive at its destination.

5. Optimizing Load Confirmation Statements

ARDEM also helps you optimize your load confirmation statements.

Load confirmation statements are important documents as they help confirm and record that the quantities and products for a particular shipment have been delivered successfully and on time.
These documents further contain crucial information including order numbers, zones, locations of pickup, fuel costs, and contact information.

Data from load confirmation statements must be entered accurately and swiftly as the load confirmations increase. We have extensive experience processing these vital documents, having assisted companies struggling to manage their increasing volume of load confirmations.

Our scalable solutions help reduce your operational costs by 30% and shorten your cycle times significantly to provide higher returns on your investments.

6. Logistics Outsourcing Helps Improve Customer Service

Logistics outsourcing helps improve your customer service.

Streamlining your data entry and document processing via outsourcing services helps you improve your customer experiences considerably.

Errors are eliminated, duplicate bills become a thing of the past and the requisite paperwork is processed accurately and shared in time. In fact, we upload the standardized documents directly into your database for easy access and faster sharing.

This means satisfied customers who are happy with their experiences and keep coming back for all their shipping requirements.

7. Scalable Solutions

ARDEM builds scalable solutions for your logistics service requirements.

As your business grows, your processing services must be able to expand, too. As the volume of orders increases, so does the amount of paperwork and documents that need to be processed correctly and within faster cycles.

While an in-house or inexperienced team can easily become overwhelmed, our extensive experience in processing logistics data has enabled us to create scalable solutions and processes for all tour processing needs.

All you need to do is to get on a call with your project manager and notify them about your updated requirements. We will deploy additional resources and expand your current scope of work to accommodate your needs in real-time and with the greatest possible accuracy.

8. Reduce Labor and Administrative Costs

Outsourcing your logistics services results in reduced operating costs.

Here’s another reason why outsourcing your logistics data processing is a smart decision.

Outsourcing these essentials but repetitive and time-consuming tasks means you save significant labor and administrative costs as you no longer have to hire skilled-workers to capture, extract and process this data in-house. Instead, you can simply forward all raw, unprocessed data to an outsourcing team and get high-quality output at lower costs.

9. Logistics Outsourcing Enables Faster Billing and Payment Cycles

Outsourcing helps streamline your billing and payment cycles to help maintain your cash flow.

Managing a logistics operation is definitely no simple task. You need to fulfill orders, track shipments, get your payment and pay your drivers along with other employees.

In order to do this, you need to maintain your cash flow, i.e., keep the cash coming in even as you distribute it. This, in turn, requires your bills to be cleared faster so that the payment can come in time and keep the cycle going.

Sharing standardized bills that have been processed with greater efficiency help reduce your turnaround times and enables faster approval of bills and payment. Therefore, outsourcing helps streamline your billing and payment cycles to help maintain your cash flow.

10. Enhanced Data Security for Logistics Outsourcing

At ARDEM, we take extra care to protect your data.

While we talk of data entry and document processing in regards to logistics, securing data is of crucial importance. There are several documents including freight bills, bill of lading and load confirmation statements that contain sensitive information. This vital data must be secured at all costs. That’s why at ARDEM, we take extra care to protect your data.

Our security is built on ISO27001 foundation and addresses security at three levels, mainly, physical, network, and employee. We further employ a series of advanced measures including VPNs, SSLs, encryption protocols during file transfer and at rest.

Apart from our security protocols, we are also extremely careful about who we expose your data to. In terms of our data entry services, access to sensitive data is strictly on a need-to-know basis. We also have measures in place that ensure that your data cannot be moved, saved, edited or even seen by unauthorized team members.

So, still, contemplating? Or are you ready to make a decision now?

At ARDEM Incorporated, we offer accurate data entry and document processing services for logistical operations with faster turnaround times for invoices, receipts, load orders and even load confirmation statements.

We further recognize the importance of speed and accuracy in completing your processes to ensure on-time delivery of all relevant information to complete a load delivery with accuracy and efficiency.

Get in touch with us and avail our logistics outsourcing services today!

Logistics Outsourcing Services Offered by ARDEM Incorporated

  • Logistics Data Entry Services
  • Logistics Documents Processing Services
  • Logistics Document Conversion Services
  • Freight Bill Processing
  • Load Statement Confirmation Processing
  • Invoice, Receipt and Purchase Order Processing

The ARDEM Advantage:

  • 30% Cost Reduction
  • 99% Data Accuracy
  • 24 Hours Turnaround Time
  • Deep Industry Knowledge and Experience
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