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We Build Virtual Teams

Processes Executed and Managed

What is an FTE?

FTE or Full-Time Equivalent incorporates people with multiple skills to ensure successful delivery on any outsourcing assignment.

Outsource staffing with ARDEM and every team, regardless of size includes application engineers, database designers, workflow experts, process and quality engineers, trainers, and project managers. We pull all these skills into each ARDEM FTE unit.

1 to 5 FTE

Business Growth Solutions


You have a defined scope of work and want us to start immediately.

6-100+ FTE

Enterprise Outsourcing Solutions


Your scope is larger, and your solution needs consultation and development.

How Does It Work?

We Create Your Perfect Solution.

A Combination of the Most Qualified and Experienced

Here at ARDEM, we believe results begin with a successful team.

We pick the most qualified college-educated team members with relevant industry knowledge to provide the highest accuracy and quality of work.

Utilizing our experience, we analyze your current process and develop a transition plan for successful implementation by outsource staffing to ARDEM. Additionally, automation technologies enable process optimization.



Blending the brightest minds with innovation to create the best team for your business.


Deep industry knowledge combined with solutions design to develop the most efficient and scalable workflow.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence boosted processes to increase your operational efficiency.

Eliminate Common Staffing Challenges

Hard and Soft Costs of Staffing

Hours Spent on Training

Businesses spend an average of 48 hours training new employees – when hiring multiple employees throughout the year the amount of hours training quickly increases.*

True Cost of an Employee

Organizations spend between $1000-$2000 per learner depending on the organization’s needs including taxes, benefit costs, recruiting expenses, software, and equipment.*


It can take anywhere between 8-20+ weeks before a new employee can become fully efficient for a certain task – during this time, there is an overall loss of productivity.*
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    ARDEM Solution

    We provide highly qualified staff that have both deep industry knowledge and extensive work experience to scale and meet your daily requirements.

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    ARDEM Solution

    ARDEM provides a skilled and qualified team, training, and management all within a single monthly cost.

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    ARDEM Solution

    ARDEM has a 99% on-time delivery track record for all projects and our staff members are college-educated and experienced.

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    ARDEM Solution

    Reliable and dedicated team on your assignment.

All-Inclusive Virtual Teams

Outsource Staffing, Your Process Managed By ARDEM

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • The Right Number of FTEs

  • Full IT Support

  • Developers

  • Open Communication

Team Composition

Team Composition

ARDEM recruits and assigns college-educated, industry qualified, and experienced data analysts, project owners, project managers, and quality control processors.

Certain positions particularly those requiring Exception Resolution will require team members who have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

ARDEM will also assign a Project Manager to your assignment who is responsible for meeting and exceeding the expectations of your project.

Training and Support

Training and Support

Your Project Manager will have the responsibility of fully understanding the desired workflow and will subsequently train the ARDEM team. In addition to project ownership skills, your project manager will possess good communication skills to keep you updated on project status, any developing issues, or risks.

The Project Manager is the single point of contact and is available on all standard business hours Monday through Friday EST.

For successful implementation of outsourcing projects, ARDEM favors the use of frequent communication with the client in order to increase the efficiency of delivering success.

Gain the ARDEM ADVantage

Customized Workflow Built on Industry Experience

improving cycle times


Your Current Process Transformed for Efficiency

What Does Your Current Process Look Like?

Businesses face challenges such as fluctuating work volumes, high processing costs, long cycle times, and employee turnover. ARDEM’s goal is to understand your current process in order to provide the best cost-effective solution.

Business process automation


A Customized Solution for Increased Productivity

Using our robust infrastructure and deep industry knowledge, ARDEM develops a solution by putting together the most efficient process.

ARDEM can learn your current process to replicate and fully emulate the task or build a complete solution from the ground up.


Allowing Your Business to Focus on Growth

ARDEM provides value by re-aligning your internal resources in order to better focus on core competencies and business values to improve growth.

In addition to cost-savings, ARDEM provides increased accuracy, productivity, and flexibility at a reduced cycle time.

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