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Compare and Contrast: How Does Outsourcing Reduce Costs?

By July 10, 2018March 11th, 2024No Comments
Outsourcing Reduce Costs

In a previous blog post, we talk about the true cost of a temporary employee and how outsourcing can better accommodate the needs of a business. While hiring temps may fill the short-term needs of a certain project, in the long-term it fails to save you money. The need for specialized team members or software can become quite expensive to hire in-house. For this reason, many companies choose to outsource their tasks in order to reduce having to spend a fortune on resources. So how does outsourcing reduce costs?

Optimizing Your Process – How Does Outsourcing Reduce Costs

An article by Harvard Business Review explains how to cut 10%, 20%, and 30% of costs for your business. Cutting 10% of costs can be done by re-evaluating how money is being spent in each department. Often, the needs of a department can change. Three months ago, there could have been a shortage of staffing while in the next five weeks there is an overabundance of office supplies. Moderating how capital is spent and re-evaluating budgets can optimize and reduce some costs.

Reducing costs by 20%-30% is usually when outsourcing comes into play. For many businesses, certain tasks such as data entry or document processing are too expensive and time-consuming to be done in-house.

The perks of partnering with an outsourcing company can be summed up with flexibility, quality, and cutting costs.

Outsourcing companies will have a pool of talented employees, deep industry knowledge, and the latest technologies to provide the most optimal solution for your needs. It allows you to avoid large expenditures so that you can utilize your capital for growth investments. While cost cutting is the most common reason for outsourcing, quality should not be impaired in the process.

Often businesses choose outsourcing companies based on the lowest offer received, but the lowest price does not necessarily mean the best cost overall. A significantly lower cost can also mean lower quality, and poor data quality in business directly impacts your ROI. Choosing the right outsourcing company makes a big difference between cutting costs and having to spend the resources to fix errors.

ARDEM’s 30% Saves More than Just Costs

How Does Outsourcing Reduce Costs

How does outsourcing reduce costs? At ARDEM, we utilize our resources to ensure the best-optimized process to deliver success to your business!

The ARDEM solution reduces your operational costs by 30% compared to your current in-house model reducing the need to hire additional staff while maintaining positive production levels.

We offer a subscription-based plan and each solution is customized to ensure we optimize your process, reduce costs, and meet your deadlines. Through one of our business growth plans, we take your processes to the next level to improve your top line while eliminating the headaches of management.

Data security is a top priority which is why we address it at multiple levels while utilizing VPNs, SSLs, and PGP encryptions. Rooted in ISO27001 we are HIPAA and GDPR compliant to ensure that all sensitive data is properly protected.

Accuracy is key in the business world and our platform builds in double key data entry along with multiple validation routines to ensure you the highest quality of data.

Contact ARDEM today to find out more on how we can help reduce your operating costs!


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