Prospect contact information is collected daily in major cities at shopping malls, at major public events, at sporting events and at other high public traffic locations. All this contact information is typically hand written on customer contact forms , or, sweepstakes forms. Contact information collected needs to be cleansed and quickly made available as actionable data lists to sales.

    Up to 110,000 Customer Lead Forms from up to 15 major cities across the country are delivered to ARDEM every week. Scan images of these Leads are uploaded to our secure server Monday thru Wednesday every week. Counts are taken, receiving logs are maintained of customer leads received. Tracking of incoming leads is done at batch level and at individual Lead level. All data from Lead Forms is double keyed. The  ARDEM platform builds in additional validation and quality checkpoints during data workflow. Additional address verification and name validation checks are configured in the process to assure highest level of data accuracy.

    Data entry from all customer leads is completed and output data file is delivered to client every Friday morning, every week.

    The challenge for our client, a major hospitality company was both the management of high daily volume of customer leads being collected, the fluctuations in the volume of customer contact forms collected every week and the need for high degree of accuracy in the contact information being collected. ARDEM was further able to streamline the customer lead data entry process to deliver higher quality data, consistently in a shorter cycle time, and, at a lower processing cost.