Local governments across the country whether at the township level, the city, or the county level want to poll their residents on what they think about the police department or the condition of roads, or new ordinances that are in place. Since these surveys are extensive and covering multiple topics of interest to the community, paper surveys are mailed to the residents to collect their opinions. The residents upon completing the survey mail the surveys back and data entry services are required to key the survey data. Keypunched data must be accurate, data must be kept secure and data entry must be performed quickly.

    Paper surveys from more than a 100 separate townships, cities and counties are mailed to ARDEM USPS PO Box. Surveys are picked up daily and logs are maintained of public opinion research surveys received daily.

    All paper surveys are scanned and images are placed in logical order to create a digital file of each survey.

    Data entry is done from each survey using Double key data entry along with Compare QC checks to assure almost 100% accuracy of final data. This final data set is output to text file tables ready for research analysts to perform data analysis.

    The challenge for our client, a major survey research company was both the management of high daily volume of public opinion research surveys received, the fluctuations in the volume of surveys received and the load it created in Data Entry. ARDEM was further able to streamline the survey data entry process to deliver higher quality data in shorter cycle time and at a lower processing cost.