A talent management consultancy approached ARDEM for getting helped with data mining to find the right candidates for the right job. the company wanted us to help them with candidates and provide an additional resource to pull candidates for the right role as per the desired requirement in a specified time.

Client Category: Data Mining       Year: 2021

Key Benefits
  • -Helped the client find viable candidates for respective roles.
  • -Did the data mining for them to provide them with accurate data.

Current Challenges of Client

  • Needed sourced data of candidates for hiring and contractual purpose.
  • Quality candidates having the required skill for a specified job position was provided to the client.
  • Needed to be resourced to pull candidates for their various job requirements.

Project Description

  • The client wanted us to Source 50 candidates per job position on a regular basis.
  • Source candidate for 5 to 6 job positions per day. For every job, the position sends out 50 emails per job.
  • The 50 emails should have 25 responses from LinkedIn and 25 from indeed respectively.
  • We Send out 50 emails to all prospective sourced candidates for 5 to 6 job positions per day that amounts to 250 to 300 emails per day.
  • We used Asana – the communication platform of the client wherein we used to update the positive responses of candidates found for various jobs directly in the client platform.


Emails Per Day


Social Media Responses


Jobs Per Day


Emails Per Week


  • Source candidates that are fit for the appropriate role.
  • Data mine resumes providing a resume of viable candidates fit for the right job.
  • Research the job requirements of the client to provide them with the right candidate for the right job.

Benefits of Working With ARDEM

The benefit of working with us is that we help you with data mining and help you find a viable candidate with a relevant resume that fills job vacancies. For more details on data mining and sourcing, candidate service email us- or call at 908-359-2600.

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