A Computer Systems Design client came to ARDEM for getting help with data entry services. The company wanted us to help them with processing entries in turnaround time.

Client Category: Data Entry       Year: 2020

Key Benefits
  • -Use of man and machine to deliver quality 
  • -Delivery of project On-time   
  • -Ensure Accuracy in recoding entries  

Current Challenges of Client

  • The large volume of Data
  • Inhouse processing is impossible  
  • Access to Resources/ technology tools like OCR

Project Description

  • Understanding the Client  
  • Doing the GAP analysis   
  • Transition Phase   
  • Action plan for Client   
  • Delivering Solution to the Problem




Lines of Data




Day Delivery


  • Data delivers with Accuracy. 
  • Finishing and delivering project in desired timeline.   
  • Use of OCR technology to deliver solution.  
  • The blend of man and machine Approach removed the scope of errors.

Benefits of Working With ARDEM

The benefit of working with us is that we accommodate our client needs and offer them solutions in desired timelines. We delivered quality and accuracy in our management of data entry. We ensure your dream becomes a reality. For more details on outsource data entry services email us-  or call at 908-359-2600.    

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