ARDEM was reached out by an American Non- Profit Organization(NPO) that provides its services to eliminate child hunger, malnutrition, and poverty among various regions. An NPO  needs to fill several survey forms every day that creates a burden for work-processing. 

The client NPO’s main mission is to reach the targeted children to eradicate their poverty, and remove their hunger issues. For it, they survey areas of countries and populace through forms that help them to pick up the children to serve. 

As the survey work processing needs a lot of effort and back-office support, the client requires a partner to perform their survey processing with a fast automated system. They needed for a partner to engage with them to process their workflows instantly and regularly.

Defining the scope of work 

The client approached ARDEM to serve the children’s issues. To get feedback from the participants, different surveys were done. So, they wanted to survey their constituents for understanding the impact and outreach in their community. 

Each survey occupies 6 pages and they needed to fill around 5,000 surveys monthly and 35,000 surveys yearly. A huge set of surveys energy month demanded regular processing in order to get managed.

Few Challenges for client’s survey processing workflow 

Managing a bulk set of feedback survey forms monthly creates a huge dataset that needs to be processed. The NPO was facing some challenges regarding workflow management due to absence of internal staff to handle the processing work. They demanded a partner to provide them a service in a quick turnaround time, but the existing system did not support them. 

Moreover, the organization wanted to increase outreach in the community but lacked maintaining proof of impact that engages donors. It created an opportunity to ADREM to serve them back-office service.

What did ARDEM need to serve to process the Client’s workflow? 

As the client required a 100% accurate data extraction, long survey processing, and  extend outreach in community, we needed to go through the various factors regarding workflow: 

  • Extraction of data from  5,000 forms monthly. Each survey occupies 6-pages that creates a lot of data to manage. Every month, we were needed to manage a huge set of data with 100% accuracy and quick turnaround time. 
  • Normally, the client used four types of surveys to get feedback from the community that creates around 35,000 forms to manage and extract data.  
  • Separation of data from distinct forms needed more advanced tasks to perform. 
  • To increase their image in the community and to keep their program active, we needed to manage their social tasks as well. 
  • Maintaining reports for the client to show impact in the community in order to get more donors. Along with providing a report to society, they needed proper up-to-date evidence and proofs.


Forms Monthly






Page Surveys

Discover How ARDEM was a Perfect Partner for the Non- Profit Organization:

With our automated technologies for back office-work, we approached them to serve with high accuracy and quick response tools with best features like: 

  • QC and Dual Key delivered survey data with high quality. 
  • For new surveys, we updated the data entry application system. 
  • Brand image was improved with up-to-date doner proofs to outreach the community.

Implementation of Successful Solutions Design 

We implemented different measures to provide better quality workflow management. We implement our techniques in the following ways: 

  • We created a platform for data entry and automatic extraction in order to manage them. For a new survey entry, we updated our existing portal for surveys. 
  • We allowed the paper-based survey at our New Jersey office where data was captured, extracted and turned into digitized form with proper audit process. 
  •  We extracted data using dual key entry and output files and reports were created for the client into a single text-only file with all the data needed for (Xls) output delivery. 
  • To maintain the programs always active, we make an online platform for their programs. 

Additional Efficiencies for Client 

We offered several services to provide them with additional efficiencies. ARDEM offered them business processing outsource services and process automation services to reduce their  operational cost and to improve efficiency.


ARDEM is quickly able to scale the back-office work to reduce workload of different types of organizations. From NPOs to profit-motive firms, we deliver advanced services to improve the business efficiency and to reduce the workflows with huge data sets. 

We created a solution for our current child hunger and poverty NPO to manage their data with automated technology that ensured quick data processing, active proof management, and other processes. 

If you would like to know more about outsourcing services for back-office support with lower cost and better efficiency, you can contact us through our email address. 

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