mplementing Efficiency and Innovation for Invoice Processing for a Large Movie Theater Company

A large movie theater company was looking for help to process the large number of invoices received each month. A total of 100,000 to 120,000 invoices were processed internally each year, all with varying complexity.

One of the biggest challenges that this company faced was the complexity of bills due to the varying formats of each vendor. About 10-20% of all invoices were considered to be “low complexity”. Higher complexity invoices would be more challenging in determining fields such as Invoice Number or Cost Center. Invoices of a higher complexity would require a good amount of interpretation to determine the values of each field and may require additional validation routines to ensure the accuracy of data.

The movie theater company saw an average of a 30% cost reduction and a significant reduction in cycle time by removing the pressure of in-house invoice processing. Having a high level of quality assurance also allowed for invoices to be approved quickly.

ARDEM’s ability to complete their invoice processing at a fraction of the time and cost, they also valued how ARDEM continued to add innovation to improve their current process.

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