archive historical documents

A national military museum of the U.S. Army, dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s medical history, was looking for assistance converting historical documents to a digital format. The awarded contract would span five years and encompass a variety of paper documents and other media totaling over 1,350,000 pages.

Founded in 1862, the museum documents ranged in date from the late 1800’s through the 1950’s. The documents’ age and delicate condition required specialized conversion equipment and techniques to ensure the documents were not damaged or otherwise altered.

ARDEM’s dedication and commitment to excellence enabled for the successful completion of the museum conversion project. Every time the scope or document materials would change, ARDEM provided samples for the museum to approve as the customer’s satisfaction is always the utmost priority.

ARDEM adapted to the museum’s needs as they changed over the course of five years. The museum now has access to over 1.35 million pages of vital and important documents that previously had only been seen or accessed by very few people. This new digital access allows the museum to conduct further research with ease and provide access to irreplaceable documents for future generations.

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