Data Extraction from Student Cards for a Non-Profit Mathematics Competition Organization

A national middle school mathematics competition organization was looking for a partner to help extract data from student information cards into a useable format.

The non-profit organization has had over 30 years of cultivating the talent of young minds to inspire and help build confidence. Students would enter into the competition program and the top students from each Chapter Competition would advance to the State Competition and then on to Nationals.

With around 14,000 student cards, each one provided general information about the students individually, such as name, address, and school name.

The biggest challenge resulted from all the data being handwritten. Accurately extracting handwritten data requires a significant amount of manual effort and time. As a result, the organization sought out ARDEM as an outsourcing partner to streamline the data extraction process.

In the past, this mathematics competition organization was manually extracting data off every card and entering it into a database. In addition to ARDEM’s responsiveness, the organization quickly recognized ARDEM’s ability to provide highly accurate data within a quick cycle time.

Partnering with ARDEM not only reduced operational costs, but it also allowed the mathematics competition organization to focus on enhancing the experiences of students to make learning math fun.

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