Data Entry Solutions for a Construction Project Management Company

A project management software company was looking to outsource data entry tasks to help assist during the busy building seasons. Builders would provide various documents, organized into tasks, to coordinate with clients and crew members.

Each task required its own unique template and set of instructions to accurately enter the data. Rather than hiring temporary employees every season, this company contacted ARDEM for full back-office support services to maintain a scalable and streamlined process.

The accounting functions and contact/lead name tasks were simpler and could be completed within a shorter amount of time compared to the item selection task which required more attention to detail. During this step, each line item is assigned a specific four-digit code along with the correct cost type and quantity for materials, labor, subcontractors, and more.

A manager from this software company instantly recognized the value ARDEM could provide with a scalable team. By starting with one full-time analyst, ARDEM was well prepared to quickly scale up the team to handle larger volumes and demand.

As a result, the software company found significant cost savings for their data entry process and a reliable partner for back-office support. By providing a dedicated team, ARDEM has allowed the company to handle larger daily volumes. Partnering with ARDEM allowed for this software company’s team to focus on core competencies to provide better service and customer support.

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