Data from load confirmation statements are entered into an internal database in order to verify and record that the quantities and products for a particular shipment have been delivered successfully. The challenge this leading logistics company was facing included the need to maintain high quality of accuracy while entering data in real time for an increasing volume of load confirmations. As they continued to grow, so did their need for a flexible team to help manage these redundant and time-consuming tasks.

Each statement required multiple fields of data that needed to be extracted such as order numbers, zones, locations of pickup, fuel costs, and contact information. Their current process was slow, time consuming, and created more expenses than revenue when handling this process in-house. The company recognized that this process was now beyond their capabilities and required a timely solution.

By implementing a quality conscious process, ARDEM was able to greatly increase productivity while allowing the logistics company to keep a lean team to focus on core competencies and further business growth.
Operational costs were reduced by 30% and cycle time was increased significantly to boost ROI. As a result, the logistics company continues to have a strong, positive relationship with ARDEM due to the responsive customer service, quality of work, and ability to deliver success.

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