order fulfillment

A distinguished support services company that simplifies the FAA’s drone registration process quickly became overwhelmed with the high volume of applicants. Hundreds of emails were flooding in daily, and in order to maintain good customer standing they looked towards ARDEM for assistance.

Accuracy was crucial when handling sensitive customer information and required both speed and attention to detail. In order to keep up with supply and demand, ARDEM assembled a professional solutions team to process and manage the accumulation of orders through Shopify. This process was streamlined to ensure that the highest level of accuracy through multiple validation checks.

Each order is processed swiftly to ensure a real-time turnaround for all orders. Addressing data security at multiple levels, both HIPAA and GDPR compliance is ensured to accommodate confidentiality.

Not only has ARDEM reduced order processing time, the increase in order fulfillment has also improved customer satisfaction resulting in a significant cost reduction.

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