A manufacturing company was looking to speed up their large volume data processing of pump and compressor specification data sheets. With approximately 24,000 multi-page specification sheets, the biggest challenges revolved around the need for a quick turnaround time and accuracy of the data.

The data not only spanned multiple decades, it also consisted of multiple formats. The higher the quality of data the greater the return on investment this company would receive.

Each specification sheet contained many fields, however, not every field was required. A data analyst had to be able to identify and distinguish key fields in order to capture the correct data. The added element of interpretation created a greater need for quality control in order to prevent inaccuracies in the data.

By applying this intensive validation routine, ARDEM was able to efficiently and accurately extract data from the specification sheets with high precision with significantly less time than it would have taken in-house. Not only has this manufacturing company reduced data extraction costs by 30%, they also increased cycle time and data accuracy to improve their overall bottom line.

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