Application Processing Solution for a Large Alternative Lender

A large alternative financial lender was looking to outsource part of their application processing in order to increase their productivity and decrease cycle time.

ARDEM was tasked with streamlining the initial data entry step for each applicant. Vital information from an applicant’s bank statements was extracted to determine the credit total based on the business transactions by month. This required a team with a strong financial background to help calculate the transactions and enter them swiftly and accurately into a database. This information is then reviewed and used to determine the eligibility of the loan for each business applicant.

As a real-time project, to ensure both scalability and flexibility multiple back-up analysts were trained in case of an increase in volume or to ensure there is no slippage due to unplanned absences. ARDEM provided a solution by deploying a team of data entry analysts and quality control analysts to quickly extract data and ensure data accuracy.

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