Reconciling Tickets for the Accounting Department of a Commuter Rail Company

A well-known commuter rail company was looking to support their accounting department with both data entry and reconciliation functions.

Once a passenger provides their ticket, the conductor will take the ticket and punch out a receipt ticket that provides information regarding a commuter’s trip. For commuters who did not purchase a ticket, they either had to purchase one on the train with an additional fee or were mailed a bill for the ride.

The dollar amount totals are then compiled onto a header card against the sum noted on the tickets and is utilized to reconcile the numbers. This data would be extracted and entered into a spreadsheet utilizing different formulas to quickly determine any discrepancies within the numbers. Discrepancies required a manual intervention to determine the root cause of the discrepancies and to correct or approve any errors or exceptions.

ARDEM quality management is based on a ISO9000 foundation along with defined metrics to ensure accuracy and quality. ARDEM standardizes an extensive data security policy which addresses it at the employee, physical, and network levels. As a result, the commuter trail transportation company found a long-term partner that provided quality data at a cost-effective rate with 100% on-time delivery.

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