waybills and bols

ARDEM was contacted by an enterprise document management company providing automation and imaging services based in Canada for assistance with processingwaybills and bills of lading (BOLs). The client provides data and document management solutions to a variety of clients across sectors and was looking for a trustworthy partner with whom they could build a long-lasting partnership for long-term success.

  • All waybills/BOLs need to be processed, indexed, and delivered within a 24-hour cycle.
  • Our solution for the client had to be scalable as at various points during the year, the volume of incoming documents can fluctuate drastically.
  • Ensuring accuracy is of the utmost importance as both documents contain crucial information related to the number of goods to be shipped, the final destinationfor delivery and the charges applicable for the same.
  • Similar to a BOL, a waybill has written a list of all goods/shipment being transported via a plane/boat.
  • Additional challenges are presented by the waybills/BOLs are handwritten/printed lightly/etc.
  • Effort-based processing is required to accurately decipher and translate the data from these challenging formats into actionable insights.

ARDEM engineered a solution that eliminates the management of teams at the client’s end. Managing daily task allocation and delivery of expected data is handed by ARDEM on a timely basis. By utilizing ARDEM’s training platform, it allows new team members to quickly learn and gain feedback to help scale the team to process more waybills and bills of lading daily.