Logistics & Freight


Key Benefits
  • -Fast turnaround rates
  • -Reliable training and team management
  • -Stability and scalability for efficiency


ARDEM was contacted by an enterprise document management company providing automation and imaging services based in Canada for assistance with processing waybills and bills of lading (BOLs).

The Current Challenge

The challenge was to scale our services to manage the fluctuations in the volume of incoming waybills and bills of lading (BOLs) while maintaining quality, turnaround time and accuracy. Tired of facing constant setbacks, the client started their search for a partner who could help them achieve their goals while implementing new and improved processes for their existing workstream.

Project Description

  • All waybills/BOLs need to be processed, indexed, and delivered within a 24-hour cycle.
  • Scalability for the fluctuating volume of incoming documents.
  • Ensuring accuracy for accurate and timely shipments.
  • Additional challenges presented by the waybills/BOLs are handwritten/printed lightly/etc.

Engineering the Solution

Once the process has been fully outlined ARDEM identified and designed a solution around four key properties:

  • Eliminating continuous employee turnover
  • Ensuring effective management
  • Building scalability
  • Re-training to maintain constant quality

The Results

“We have been very pleased with our work to this point with ARDEM.” -CEO

Benefits of Working With ARDEM

ARDEM engineered a solution that eliminates the management of teams at the client’s end. Managing daily task allocation and delivery of expected data is handed by ARDEM on a timely basis. By utilizing ARDEM’s training platform, it allows new team members to quickly learn and gain feedback to help scale the team to process more waybills and bills of lading daily.


Waybills Processed in 1 Month


Eliminated the Management of Teams at the Client's End


Expected Growth in 2021