point of sales data processing

A leading American publisher of games in various genres including fantasy and science fiction was looking for assistance with Point of Sales (POS) data management. The client urgently needed a partner that could help them find a way to increase visibility into their sales patterns and trends for some of their best-selling products.

The process would start with the receipt of POS data from over 200 stores worldwide. Once the data was received, the next challenge was to clean and normalize all sales data which had to be sent further for downstream analysis.

Each one of the client’s stores had to forward their sales data to ARDEM, with every store averaging 100+ line items of sales data. While things may have seemed a bit daunting at first, we had a few tricks up our sleeve to build and execute a successful solution.

In case of any products that are not on the master sheet, the exception will be flagged for an analyst to review. This product will then be reviewed to determine if there was an error, if the product is new, or if there is other sales data that was sent over erroneously by the store.

  • Any new products that are not already in the master sheet are sent to the client on a monthly basis for review and updated with additional information to process.
  • Live dashboards on our cloud-based platform will show what store data has been received, is currently in processing, and what has been normalized and delivered.
  • Additionally, stores are sent an automated notification reminder to send in their monthly data.
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