Scanning Case Files for the US Government

    The scope of the job entailed the scanning of six million pages in six months. To achieve this, pickup of 250,000 pages, or about 120 boxes of case files was achieved by ARDEM every week at the client site in Virginia. Boxes of case files were transported back to ARDEM’s secure facility located in New Jersey.

    A strict chain of custody of all documents was maintained. Each page and each case file in each box was tracked and audit processes were established ahead of scanning and indexing. Scan work flow processes were set up to track every case file through receipt, document preparation, scan, and post preparation after scan. The integrity of each page in each file of each box was maintained throughout the process. A final inspection and inventory done by the client during each drop off validated 100% accuracy of ARDEM scanning process.

    ARDEM scan production rate for the case files scanning project was at 60,000 images per day. The documents which were scanned included various sizes of paper, 8 ½ x 11”, scanning photographs (color/black &white), scan conversion of Mixed Media (Compact discs, Large Format Maps), receipts, etc. Each image was indexed post-scanning. Scan images and index were checked to assure 100% accuracy of scanning.

    ARDEM successfully completed the scanning of six million pages of Case Files for the US Government under its GSA Schedule 36 contract for Document Conversion Services.

    ARDEM completed the scan conversion project ahead of schedule and within the budget target.