Scanning and Data Entry from Cruise Surveys

    Market surveys are conducted for variety of reasons: to determine customer satisfaction, to collect data on performance, to collect and analyze consumer preference data. Data is very often collected on paper and data entry services are required to key the survey data. Keypunched data must be accurate, data must be kept secure and data entry must be performed quickly.

    The marketing department of a cruise travel company was spending excessive amounts of time in collecting surveys and performing data entry services for these market surveys. These surveys conducted at the end of every cruise would be mailed back and the laborious data entry work would start. Very often survey data was not collected in time for management to make important decisions regarding how they were performing and what their clients liked or did not like.

    The travel company turned to ARDEM to outsource their data entry services. Cruise surveys are now mailed to ARDEM. ARDEM provides data entry services and extracts data from surveys and provides output data to client within their time expectations.

    ARDEM services for survey data entry start with printing of the surveys, the mailing of surveys, the receipt of complete surveys from respondents, the data entry from these surveys and the final creation of output data files that can be used for data analysis by the client.

    Feedback of cruise travelers is quickly collected from surveys and the information collected from surveys can be utilized to provide a more enhanced customer experience.