Scanning  Student Transcripts

    With thousands of students graduating from their high schools there is a need to store and save vast amounts of student records by the educational institution. This information has to date typically been kept in paper files or on microfilm. Accessing and retrieving this information when needed becomes an overwhelming task particularly when files are stacked in boxes in the back of trailers next to the soccer field.

    The guidance department of a local school was spending inordinate amounts of time searching for and retrieving student records. Past students would call for copies of transcripts and school registration forms. The documents would need to be located. Paper records for the school go back almost thirty years; copies would be made and then mailed or faxed to the requestor. Many students need these records well past their high school years, during college admissions or when changing colleges or when pursuing their careers. The paper chase was inefficient and time consuming.

    The school turned to ARDEM to convert their paper records to digital. ARDEM converted school transcripts to digital scans, indexed the school transcripts and used ARDEM QuickFind search application to give the counselors efficient method to quickly locate student records and transmit these documents to the requestors.

    ARDEM services for scanning and data entry from educational records include pick up and inventory of received documents, necessary document preparation, scanning and data entry from student records and their search and retrieval in ARDEM QuickFind search application.

    Quicker and easier access to student transcripts, now going back all the way to the 1970s. When next time a past student calls for his or, her transcripts- they are just a click away- easily located and quickly mailed out to them.