Scanning Financial Documents

Document Scanning of Financial Documents

    Mergers and Acquisitions create opportunities for improving work processes. They also create challenges for sharing information across the organization. One financial services client in need of document scanning services came to ARDEM to assist them with their document management process during their acquisition. The financial institution being acquired had multiple locations with mission critical documents in paper format. Documents spanning multiple decades with various attachments, stapled pages and in plastic sleeves were stored away in file cabinets. These documents needed to be accessed multiple times during the day and also shared across multiple locations geographically separate from each other.

    Since documents needed to be accessible to client at various times during the day and to comply with client requirements that the documents stay on client site ARDEM assembled a team of document conversion experts to work at the client site. Account documents were removed from each file drawer cabinet and prepared for scanning. This included removal of documents from laminate sleeves, removal of staples and other bindings. Separation sheets were inserted at logical breaks within documents. All documents were scanned. After scanning the documents were re-assembled to the original folders. All individual digital files were renamed by defied search index fields. This work was completed at 20 separate locations for the financial institution over a six week period.

    More than 500,000 pages of financial institution documents were digitally scanned with 100% accuracy of scanning and file naming. All documents were re-assembled back in the original file folders and 100% of all documents were converted to digital scans. Our client achieved the complete digitization of all its paper records at 20 different locations.